Worktasker AB is based in Sweden

WorkTasker was founded in 2012 but the idea was born several years earlier. The founder, Tarek Kasim, was asked by a friend, you who are knowledgeable about why do you not come in a way where you can hire contractors around the clock and who could quickly perform the assignment? Tarek's friend assumed that he owned a restaurant and he had trouble finding a dishwasher in the evenings, when the employees could call without warning and say that they could not attend the job. This planted a seed that with a large and hard work became the basis of WorkTasker.

Our vision is for you to find the help you need quickly or easily, and to get the freedom to choose when to work and make money. Worktasker serves as a marketplace for entrepreneurs and private individuals, where you can both advertise on the Worktaskre job you have to do or search for contractors. Both contractors and clients can find each other through the platform, then they can send and bid on the jobs as advertised. It is free to register and to advertise and bid for assignments. Through the platform you can, for example, find cleaners, flow assistants, accountants, lawyers, construction workers, carpenters and much more.

All you have to do is simply

1st Advertise for free what you need to do
2. Let other contractors bid for your ad
3. Then choose from ranked verified and reviewed contractors who are ready to get the job done

When the job is done and you are satisfied you pay Worktasker and Worktasker in turn pays the salary to the contractor.