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We at WorkTasker in co-operation and subcontractor of Brantevik's Group AB will help you to your future profession, whether you're ready to start work or need to educate you.

Support and matching is personal assistance for those seeking work. You get concrete support that is tailored to your needs. WorkTasker's close collaboration with companies in widely different industries means we have very good chances of finding a job that suits you.

What is Support and Match?

Support and matching is a service where you get individual help and support to find the right way forward. You can meet your job coach regularly and together you will get a plan to get a job. It can be all from writing personal letters and CVs, to training interview techniques and getting tips and motivation to find jobs to search.

WorkTasker's long experience and wide network of contacts is a great advantage when we find a job that suits you. We have close contact with the business community, and you can also work as a crew consultant - a perfect way to open doors to the labor market.

Support and matching is a service provided through the Employment Service. Therefore, talk with your workforce that you want to go Support and matching at WorkTasker.

For who fits Support and Match?

Support and matching is a service for you enrolled in the Employment Service and looking for a job. Personal support is a great way to gain an understanding of their own skills and strengths and to proceed with their job search.

Support and matching is available in many locations around the country, so it's easy for you. It's free to participate and our goal is to find your next job as quickly as possible.

Why should I choose WorkTasker?

You choose your support and matching provider yourself. If you choose WorkTasker, you will get an experienced job coach and get to know all the strengths we have:

  • We can do the Swedish labor market.
  • We have dedicated job coaches that provide you with personal support and structure in your daily life, and who see your unique strengths and abilities.
  • As we already work with WorkTasker, we work closely with many different companies in several exciting industries.
  • As a marketplace for work, we have the opportunity to quickly find a way for you into the labor market.
  • More language coaches with lots of experience in education and job coaching

    How does it work?

    Talk to your agent at the Employment Service and say you want to start Support and Matching at WorkTasker. The Employment Service assesses your need for the service and decides whether to start. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

    How this process works

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