About us

Worktasker AB is based in Sweden and is online Employment Service

Our vision is that you will quickly, easily and safely find the help you need or have the freedom to choose when to work and earn money. Worktasker works as a marketplace for entrepreneurs and individuals, where you can both advertise on the Worktaskre job you need to get done or search for contractors. Both contractors and contractors can find each other through the platform, then they can send and bid on the job as advertised. It is free to register and to advertise and bid on assignments. For example, through the platform you can find cleaners.

All you have to do is simply

1st Advertise what you need to do and it's free
2. Allow other contractors to bid on your ad
3. Then choose from rated verified and reviewed contractors who are ready to get the job done

When the job is done and you are satisfied, you pay Worktasker, and then, Worktasker pays the pay to the contractor.